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Imagine a digital space that not only showcases your coaching or service offerings but also mirrors the depth of your impact and the dynamism of your ambition. With The Cultivated Vision, this vision becomes your new reality. We go beyond mere templates; we're crafting

an online home where your unique voice resonates, attracting your dream clients and amplifying your message for real change. Here, you don't just build a website—you create a platform for growth and a beacon for your commitment to making a difference.

Our Commitment to

You Grow, Your Business Grows, So Your Clients Can Flourish

Your mission is to help others, and ours is to help you achieve that on a greater scale. We understand the unique challenges of expanding your reach while staying true to your core values. Here’s what sets us apart:

Your Growth

Purpose-Driven Designs

Our templates are crafted not just for aesthetics but for performance. Aligned with your goals of service and impact, our templates are the digital canvas for your brand. With designs inspired by luxury aesthetics and user experience, your website will not just speak to your audience; it will sing.

Growth-Integrated Features

From SEO foundations to marketing funnels, our designs are built to help you reach more people effortlessly. Experience the freedom of attracting clients naturally, without the constant social media grind.

Empowering Customization

As simple as drag and drop, no code necessary - tailor every detail of your website to authentically represent your brand and connect with your dream clients.

Our Process

Choose with Purpose

Select the template that speaks to your mission and style.

Customize with Freedom

Easily adjust every element to ensure it aligns with your personal and professional identity.

Launch with Confidence

Launch a site that you’re proud of, one that’s ready to help you expand your impact and reach.





 of website users' first impressions are design-related, directly impacting trust and credibility.


(Source: WebFX)

Grow Your Business, expand your impact

Let's Work Together

We’re here not just to help you build a website, but to create a visual representation of your brand and a catalyst for your growth. Let us be your partner in not only reaching your business goals but also in achieving your aspirations to help and heal.

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showit website templates

If creating a website has been overwhelming or you are tired of your designs not coming out the way you want them, we've got you covered.

Our website templates:

  • Will give you that professional high-end website aesthetic to show off the quality of the service you already provide

  • Provide you with a simple plug and place, drag and drop website to make designing and figuring out what information to put on your page an absolute breeze (tutorials included!)

  • Allowing you to build your website in a day instead of months

No web design or coding experience needed.

Done for you

semi-custom web design

Don't want to mess with the tech?  Need support uploading your content, brand elements, and making the format fit your needs to a T, I've got you!

Your Semi-Custom Design:

  • A simple process where you purchase your favorite template, send us your content, and we update your design in no time (approximate turn around less than 3 work days, after you send in all content)

  • We will link your domain name, optimize your images and set up basic SEO labels.

  • If needed, to uplevel your brand with your new website this package allows for an update of your wordmark logo, colors, and fonts.

get noticed

marketing course

Want to make more sales without the pressure to post on social media. That is exactly what we teach you inside: Not an Influencer : More Sales without Social Media. The online marketing course that supports you in designing a personalized organic marketing strategy that doesn't depend on constantly creating content or trying to keep up with the ever changing algorithm.

With this 8-week course you will:

  • Learn the signature 3-step Client Connect Method to make converting strangers into paying clients quick and easy.

  • Learn how, what, why, and when behind the silent but deadly successful marketing methods to get you in front of your ideal clients.

  • Develop a marketing strategy that works for you and your business, based off of your own results you get through the program, as well as guided support, feedback, and accountabiity throughout so you can continue to get more clients.

Discover Your Non-Social Media Marketing Match!

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She was so good at helping me identify the thoughts that were in my head and get them into the designs that I wanted. Her designs are absolutely beautiful. I’ve been working with them for about a month now and I must tell you that people who come to my feed are absolutely raving about them.”

“Working with Leslie is one of the best decisions that I have made moving forward in my coaching business.

Melissa Fino

High Ticket Business Coach

She is such a pleasure. She is super super creative, absolutely amazing at taking feedback, listening, analyzing, and getting to the core of the values of the brand, the personality that’s in it and then putting it all into a graphic design and in our case, a beautiful new logo and colors."

“I can absolutely recommend working with Leslie.

Judith Juhnke

You & JJ CEO

Initially going through the process she really listens and really understands what your brand is about, what your messaging is about and what that is trying to convey to your audience. And she really has a skilled manner of encapsulating that into a beautiful style.”

“The process of working with Leslie has just been phenomenal end to end. 

Claire Quirk

Spiritual Business Mentor

Experience the ease and simplicity of how our Showit website templates work with free access to our most popular template, Simple. Drop your information below and we will send you immediate access to your inbox so you can get started on making your dream site a reality today.

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