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Professional customization of your favorite template so you can elevate your online presence and a high end design to exemplify your high quality services. 




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How it Works

your semi-custom web design

Pick Your Template

Choose your favorite template to be professionally customized to support you in growing your business

Send Over Your Content

After you choose your template you will gain access to your client portal where you will upload all your content

Sit Back & Relax

Launch & Grow

When your design is complete, it is time for you to go live and get more paying clients through your doors!

Once we have your content, all you need to do is sit back and relax as we customize your entire website in less than a week

We take your favorite template design and customize it to fit your brand and amplify your already amazing business. This package includes:

What It Includes

your semi-custom web design

- Your Favorite Template ($200 off)
- Connecting Your Domain
- Connecting Links (booking, purchase, pages)
- Label for SEO
- Set up Inquiry/Contact Forms
- Easy tech tutorials for easy long term maintenance
- Adding your brand colors
- Adding logos
- Changing text to your brand fonts
 - Adding your photos
 - Create mockups
- Provide you with copy prompts worksheet
- Placing your copy
- Editing icons to fit your copy
- Adjusting formatting and animations as needed

If you need additional support with your branding, including choosing colors, fonts, creating a wordmark logo, and photoshoot moodboard we have an add on package for only $249 available at checkout so you can truly showcase your brand with your brand new website.

We work together to create this masterpiece! I also am a big fan of knowing the details before I get started, so this is what we will need from you to get started:

What You Will Need

your semi-custom web design

- Domain Name
- Brand Logos, colors, fonts, photos
- Website Copy
- Showit Account
- Links (payment links, booking links, etc.)

Don't worry you don't need to keep track of all of this! We provide you with a checklist and portal to make sharing this information easy. We also include prompts and resources for how to set these things up or choose brand elements like fonts and colors.

Initially going through the process she really listens and really understands what your brand is about, what your messaging is about and what that is trying to convey to your audience. And she really has a skilled manner of encapsulating that into a beautiful style.”

“The process of working with Leslie has just been phenomenal end to end. 

Claire Quirk

Business Mentor

Choose Your Plan

Semi-Custom Design

Investment Options



per month for 6 months

most popular


per month for 3 months

One Payment




This price includes your template of choice from our template garden and a discount of $200 off




Let's Work Together Let's Work Together
A custom website built just for your brand to have your dream clients knocking down your door.  We support you in the visual story telling of your business and the high quality service you provide, so you can make more impact and more money.


This Includes:

signature 3 day web design 

your custom design

  • Tech Set-Up
  • Professional Custom Design
  • Infusing and Elevating Your Brand
  • Website Animations
  • Basic SEO Set-Up
  • Custom Tutorials

Click below to get more details about how you can get a fully custom website designed for your business in only 3 days!

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