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Building authentic community to get more clients

Watch on Youtube: Listen on Your Favorite Streaming Service: 🎥 Welcome to Not an Influencer, an Impact Maker! In this engaging interview, we dive deep into the world of entrepreneurship, authenticity, and community building with Krystal, the founder of Book of Bijou and the Empower by Women platform. Krystal shares her inspiring journey […]

Building an Authentic Community to Connect with More Clients

Ethical Marketing to Get more Clients, interview with Haley

Watch on Youtube: Listen: 🎙️ In this episode of Not an Influencer, An Impact Maker, we dive deep into the world of organic marketing strategies that can help you attract consistent clients to your online service-based business. If you’ve ever felt the pressure of traditional social media marketing, this is the show for […]

Get More Clients with Ethical Marketing (with Trauma-Informed Marketing Methods)

Podcast Interview Not an Influencer, An Impact Maker Branding and Marketing

Watch on Youtube: Episode Transcript: The best mistake that I have learned made in business. It’s a great question, Tony. So what do you like? I think it’s all about, yeah, making mistakes and and just like being willing to because it’s not that I make a mistake all the time, but I’m always willing […]

Athlete Mindset for Business Success (Olympian to Entrepreneur)