Not An Influencer, An Impact Maker


Ethical Marketing to Get more Clients, interview with Haley

Watch on Youtube: Listen: 🎙️ In this episode of Not an Influencer, An Impact Maker, we dive deep into the world of organic marketing strategies that can help you attract consistent clients to your online service-based business. If you’ve ever felt the pressure of traditional social media marketing, this is the show for […]

Get More Clients with Ethical Marketing (with Trauma-Informed Marketing Methods)

Podcast Interview Not an Influencer, An Impact Maker Branding and Marketing

Watch on Youtube: Episode Transcript: The best mistake that I have learned made in business. It’s a great question, Tony. So what do you like? I think it’s all about, yeah, making mistakes and and just like being willing to because it’s not that I make a mistake all the time, but I’m always willing […]

Athlete Mindset for Business Success (Olympian to Entrepreneur)